Charaxes jasius (LINNAEUS, 1766)

Two-Tailed Pasha

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Photo by Mario Maier. Charaxes jasius, April 1997, Sainte-Maxime / Southern France

More photos: 1, 2, 3, 4, 5 (by Mario Maier), 6 (by Paolo Henrique Rodrigues)


pointer.gif (1285 Byte) Family: Nymphalidae plate jasius

The Two-Tailed Pasha is the largest European butterfly, with the fore-wing span of the female often measuring more than 4 inches. These butterflies fly very fast. The males defend their territory and, like the Swallowtail, exhibit "hilltopping" behavior. They are locally common in the Mediterranean region, and one of their distinguishing marks is the two tails of the hind-wings. See also anecdote about the Two-Tailed Pasha.

Flight period:
Two broods from April to September.

Larval host plants:

Red List Germany: n.a.

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